The Vision of ReinventED

We all see problems in education  let’s talk solutions. Rather, let’s create solutions, and together we can build the future of education. Our vision — the energy driving ReinventED — is the belief that we are all capable of making a change in education, and consequently, the world.



We are building a community of passionate people to design and create the future of education in Charlottesville, VA.


We bring together and activate students, entrepreneurs, educators, and community members in the Charlottesville community to develop prototypes of the future of education-- new k-12 learning environments, innovative higher education paradigms, educational initiatives for the public, and more.



Our Values 

We believe change in education must be human-centered, student-focused, and community-driven.


We believe in the human-centered design process, grounded in human empathy. All of our events, programs, and projects are grounded in empathy, hospitality, and design thinking.


We believe that students are the most important and least consulted stakeholder in education. All of our events, programs, and projects focus on the student perspective and the end goal of impacting students.


We believe that all change must be created by and for the community in which we live. All of our events, programs, and projects are designed to be collaborative with the goal of bringing people together.


Theory of Change

ReinventED hosts events to convene passionate people, runs programs to prepare community members to solve problems in education, and launches projects to build the future of school. Our theory of change uses events to build community awareness, offers programs as opportunities to get more involved, and showcases projects as exemplars of the future of school.


Our Story

ReinventED Lab was launched with the support of 4.0 School’s Community Catalyst Program.  The Community Catalyst Program is designed to support local leaders in building and sustaining education entrepreneurship communities.  Charlottesville has been selected for the Community Catalyst program to join 5 other cities (New Orleans, New York, DC, Birmingham, and Austin) in a growing national network of education innovation organizations.

The 2015-2016 academic school year served as our pilot year, in which we experimented with event hosting, project incubation, and program development. In Fall 2015, we hosted our first three community events: the ReinventED Kickoff Party, the ReinventED 24 Hour Challenge, and Project ReinventED. Each event successfully brought together a blend of students, educators, and innovators in active discussion and ideation of education innovations. Over the course of our pilot year, ReinventED has also launched student-driven innovation projects, including Co-create UVA and XQ CONNEXT Student Voices Collection and Curation

In Spring 2016, ReinventED launched Spark (formerly known as Rethink), a program in HackCville designed to prepare UVa students for careers in education innovation.  23 students were enrolled in the inaugural cohort to work on ReinventED projects, get paired with individual mentors, and start projects of their own. 

In the Summer of 2016, ReinventED participated in the iLab, an innovation incubator at the University of Virginia. 

In Fall 2016, we hosted a Community Convening where over 40 members of the Albemarle-Charlottesville education community came together to talk about the future of education in an unconference session, an open mic dialogue, and then a design session to discover shared ideal values in education. The design session led to over 50 values that the community felt were important in education. As a group, they boiled those concepts down to five core values that they saw as integral in the future of education: equal opportunity, continual & holistic exploration, empathy, student-driven, and validation & courage.

In Spring 2017, we are running three concurrent programs, supporting the Albemarle Maker Hub in the Making Spaces initiative, and preparing for a school design camp coming this Summer.

Have an idea for something we should create?  Want support on a project you've already started?

Contact us and let us know!